Monday, January 31, 2011

Turn Low Platelets Around - Increase Platelets By Healing Your Body With The Food You Eat

Is it possible to increase Low Platelets using what you eat? Most doctors will say that it isn't. But not all doctors agree. You have heard it said "you can't see the forest because of all the trees." Well Low Platelets can be like that. There are so many health problems caused by low platelet count that we concentrate on the symptoms like the bleeding, bruising, exhaustion and pain that we don't pay as much attention to the big picture, the "forest" so to speak.

Back to diet and how it can help or heart Low Platelets.

Many recommend a diet that is largely composed of protein. Many people follow this type of diet but don't get the results needed. For many, especially Americans, there is already to much protein in their diets and adding more is not a good idea.

Large amounts of protein in the diet may cause an acid buildup in your body which in turn increase inflation and the destruction of more platelets. This type of diet won't help bone marrow to produce more platelets. If the body is given rest from these food it will, more often than not, repair itself and began producing more platelets. A short term low calorie diet may be helpful and by implementing it, your body could produce more platelets in this process of detox and healing.

Here is a low calorie diet that can be followed for a short time to test results. It is recommended by Louis Cruz the MD who wrote the book "Conquer Low Platelets" (that I recommend by the way).

Morning Meal

Cooked oats with Rice dream or Almond Milk. You can use honey or molasses to mildly sweeten the oats. Agave is also ok.

One cup of blue berries. Use other fruits of the berry family or pomegranate.

Two slices of toast. Use only Ezekiel bread well toasted. You can find this in the health foods store. Add a small amount of almond butter or peanut butter. If you use peanut butter make sure you use only the one that has the oil on the top. Avoid the creamy versions since they have Trans fats added and many times sugar also.

Mid day Meal

Large vegetable salad that should have celery, beets, tomatoes, carrots and romaine lettuce. Only add lemon, salt and olive oil for flavor.

An unprocessed starch such as brown rice

A protein of vegetable origin is preferred such as beans. Cook with olive oil. Extra virgin with its natural color is recommended.

A portion of cooked veggies such as kale, cabbage or broccoli.


This meal should be very light.

Use a homemade vegetable soup

Ezekiel bread toast.

Or Toast and some fruit or fruit salad.

Only water is used between meals and nothing else. Each meal should be five hours separate from each other. Take a good multivitamin while doing this. That way you will not have anything missing.

It only make sense that Low Platelets can be improved if you have a healthy diet. Many times our poor health is caused by our unknowingly bad habits. Following natural remedies can improve your quality of life.

Live Healthy!

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