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No More Low Platelet Blood Count

What would you do if you could raise your low Low Platelet Blood Count? What if it was no more? No more bruising or bleeding. No more frightening hospital visits. No more strong medications and their side effects. No more ITP disease. Sounds like the impossible? Well I am here to tell you that using natural methods, ones with little to no side effects can make your low platelet blood count NO MORE!

The solution does not include doctors , hospitals or surgery but rather your education and implementation of all natural methods, ones that have proven themselves many times over to be successful. AND the solution is many times simpler than you think. But nature's solutions are always simple. That is the reason why we ignore them.How can something as simple as Blueberries make a difference with your Low Platelet Blood Count?

Bad oxygen or what is sometimes referred to as free radicals in your body are contributing to the destruction of your platelets. They need to be neutralized or they will continue their bad behavior. By including large amounts of antioxidant foods in your diet you will not only end this viscous cycle but your body will then be able to increase platelets to healthy levels.

Your diet should favor fruits, vegetables, lintels and beans. These should be always fresh or at least frozen not canned. Try to consume them raw if palatable or lightly cooked when necessary. Overcooking can reduce the nutritional value.

Some of the foods highest in antioxidants:
Red Kidney Beans
Pinto Beans
All other berries

Of course this only address one possible cause of your Low Platelet Blood Count but it is the most prevalent cause, and eating healthy foods is always good for anyone. Many have been able to stop their dropping platelets by only making dietary adjustments and improving their eating habits. This should be your first place to start. Be sure to eat large quantities and make sure these types of healthy foods are the bulk of your daily food consumption.

If you struggle with finding fresh vegetables or fruit in the area you live just remember, frozen is the next best thing and will certainly out perform any canned or processed foods. Frozen Blueberries can be found in the pie making section of supermarkets and can be had for a much lower price.

There are many more natural methods for you to consider and to implement to end your Low Platelet Blood Count. All of them are proven to work and have helped 1000s to have a healthier and happier life. Continue to work with your doctor and let him know you are using simple natural methods. Most will cooperate and will monitor your meds and reduce them or even eliminate them as you progress. If your doctor is closed minded an will not cooperate it will be necessary to find one who will.

The human body is an amazing creation and if given the resources it needs, can heal itself. All you need to do is TAKE ACTION, work in harmony with it. No one will do it for you.

I wish you the best and good health to you.
Laura J

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Both Maggi Pier and Dr. Louis Cruz have used all natural methods to assist family members and many others with Low Platelet Blood Count or ITP disorder. Their success proves that you can be successful also.