Saturday, June 4, 2011

Many Ask What Does Low Platelet Count Mean For Me?

Platelets - What Are They?
Platelets are the component in your blood that controls clotting. Without them you would leak blood through  blood vessels and pass away. On the other hand we possess platelets and at whatever time there is a leaky vessel they assemble next to the location and help repairs by means of causing the blood to clot within that area and bring to an end to the hemorrhage.

Looking at the bigger picture they are also responsible for your blood to clot when you suffer a scratch or receive a serious cut. This is discernible in the appearance of a scab that protects your harmed area until the healing processes can be completed.

OK So What Does Low Platelet Count Mean?
Low platelet count means your number of platelets circulating in your blood are less then optimum healthy levels. The medically accepted normal healthy range is 145,000 - 450,000 platelets per micro-liter of blood. Anything beneath 145k (145,000) is considered low. Yet it is not regarded as unsafe or life threatening until a low platelet count goes less than 30k. Usually medical doctors won't get anxious until the figures move still lower, less than 10k.

Briefly, low platelet count means that your body is not building platelets as quick as they are being needed. For the majority this is a short-lived issue and it is common to witness platelet counts come back to normal amounts. This is since scores of things can lower platelets such as illness, pregnancy, eating habits, tension, medications and so on. When such circumstances no longer exist platelets will usually bounce back. This is why medical professionals do not get to nervous unless the platelet count gets extremely low and stays there permanently. Your body is spectacular and as soon as needed can in fact put platelet production on "overdrive" to defeat these lows after the offending problem is resolved.

Your platelets don't have to remain low, even if your doctor is not all that concerned. You can do things in the privacy of your own home to increase platelets naturally. I recommend reading "Conquer Low Platelets" to learn the tips, secrets and easy methods used by Dr. Louis Cruz to successfully treat his clients.