Low Platelets

Although millions suffer from Low Platelets most never really understand why, even if they are under doctors care. If one truly understands the root cause of their Low Platelets then they are half way to realizing a solution to their problem.

Low Platelets  is more often than not caused by an immune system that is not functioning properly. One that is confused and causing antibodies to be produced to attack your platelets. The standard medical treatment for ITP disease or Low Platelets involves using powerful drugs to suppress the immune system or even surgery to remove the spleen, where platelets are being removed from the blood faster than they can be produced by the bone marrow.

These standard medical approaches to Low Platelets haven't changed in over 25 years! And the sad thing is that even if successful results are achieved they never last very long. The condition usually returns and is usually worse than before.

But there are ways to deal with low platelet counts using alternative natural methods without the unwanted side effects of drugs and surgery. Identifying the triggers is the key. And this is different in each individual. It could be allergies, mineral deficiencies, lack of specific vitamins, poor life style habits or even diet that can disrupt immune function causing Low Platelets .

If you can identify any problems in these areas you can make the needed adjustments without having to take a prescription drugs or having invasive surgery. We are trained by the media and society around us to rely too much on the medical community to solve our problems. Alternative methods of treatment are looked down on most of the time but we are seeing more and more doctors who are at least willing to cooperate with us in trying to avoid standard drastic measures.

One needs to be proactive in one's health and do the research in areas that doctors just don't have the time to do. Alternative natural methods can be very successful when dealing with Low Platelets . Many have been able to limit prescription drugs or get off of them altogether, avoiding the side effects that follow.

I wish you the best and good health to you.
Laura J

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Both Maggi Pier and Dr. Louis Cruz have used all natural methods to assist family members and many others with Low Platelets or ITP disorder. Their success proves that you can be successful also.