Sunday, September 16, 2012


Up Your Low Platelet Count Starting Today

Increase Platelets Naturally
Your Actions Affect Low Platelet Count
With low platelet count your main concern is to control bleeding and bruising. If you are under doctors care, and you should be, than it is important to follow his or her directions and recommendations. A medical doctor is also valuable to monitor your blood count, this gives you a reference point to measure your progress.

But is there any thing else that can be done to up low platelet count? Yes there is. Your habits and lifestyle have much to do with your successful treatment of low platelets. These things are completely in your control and are just as important if not more so than your doctor visits.

Your Diet Affects Platelet Count

The old expression "you are what you eat" is a good motto to abide by. Your body can only work with what you are feeding it. Treat it accordingly. Now I am not going to go into all the various foods that are good for you, that information is every where you look. But foods rich in Iron and Vitamin K are very important and a great way to increase platelet count naturally. Most things green fall into this category.

Salads is what comes to most people minds and this is a good place to get those leafy greens but there is some caution needed here. Raw vegetables are harder on the digestive system and if your platelet counts are real low this may cause some internal bleeding. Also ice berg lettuce is pretty much pointless when it comes to food value. Stick to the darker greens and steam your vegetables if possible to soften them up and yet retain their food value.

Protein rich, high calorie foods rich in K are also platelet builders. Liver, fish, eggs and fortified cereals are in this category. Preparing meals with these using fresh items instead of canned is best and be sure that cereals are natural and not packed with sugars. Organic, pesticide free is best.

Antioxidant high fruits are also good at increasing platelets. One that works well is blueberries. Even out of season they can be found in the frozen food section of your supermarket. Think pie filling and no sugars.

Other Habits that Effect Low Platelet Count

Alcohol is something to be avoided because it is known to have an adverse affect on platelet production in the body. Alcohol adversely affect the bone marrow and this is the area in your body that produces platelets.

Proper sleep is also important. Be sure you are getting enough. People who suffer from ITP blood disorder can have problems getting a full nights sleep even though they are tired. Getting to bed early and turning off distractions like TV and bright or annoying lighting can help. Some have used devices that provide soft background noise or music with success.