Saturday, June 4, 2011

Many Ask What Does Low Platelet Count Mean For Me?

Platelets - What Are They?
Platelets are the component in your blood that controls clotting. Without them you would leak blood through  blood vessels and pass away. On the other hand we possess platelets and at whatever time there is a leaky vessel they assemble next to the location and help repairs by means of causing the blood to clot within that area and bring to an end to the hemorrhage.

Looking at the bigger picture they are also responsible for your blood to clot when you suffer a scratch or receive a serious cut. This is discernible in the appearance of a scab that protects your harmed area until the healing processes can be completed.

OK So What Does Low Platelet Count Mean?
Low platelet count means your number of platelets circulating in your blood are less then optimum healthy levels. The medically accepted normal healthy range is 145,000 - 450,000 platelets per micro-liter of blood. Anything beneath 145k (145,000) is considered low. Yet it is not regarded as unsafe or life threatening until a low platelet count goes less than 30k. Usually medical doctors won't get anxious until the figures move still lower, less than 10k.

Briefly, low platelet count means that your body is not building platelets as quick as they are being needed. For the majority this is a short-lived issue and it is common to witness platelet counts come back to normal amounts. This is since scores of things can lower platelets such as illness, pregnancy, eating habits, tension, medications and so on. When such circumstances no longer exist platelets will usually bounce back. This is why medical professionals do not get to nervous unless the platelet count gets extremely low and stays there permanently. Your body is spectacular and as soon as needed can in fact put platelet production on "overdrive" to defeat these lows after the offending problem is resolved.

Your platelets don't have to remain low, even if your doctor is not all that concerned. You can do things in the privacy of your own home to increase platelets naturally. I recommend reading "Conquer Low Platelets" to learn the tips, secrets and easy methods used by Dr. Louis Cruz to successfully treat his clients.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Why Don't You Increase Platelets Naturally?

I have noticed a few say that if you're thinking that it is possible to Increase Platelets Naturally you're foolish. If your physician is unable to correct your low platelets you surely are not going to be able to with a few home remedies.

To me this line of reasoning confirms how brainwashed we are by western societies. Due to medical advancements in the last hundred years plus the TV and film dramas of idolizing doctors most have put medical experts on a god-like pedestal. But the last time I checked you'll still find  millions of sick people.

Many times, when trying to find a doctor I am informed that physician so-and-so doesn't have any room for more patients. What is going on? Don't medical professionals cure anybody anymore? Perhaps I'm not being reasonable but it just appears to be some kind of revolving door how the medical profession operates these days.

Of course the public basically doesn't look after their health either. Poor lifestyles, like working long hours, less sleep, over eating and eating junk food, plus vices like smoking, abusing alcohol and drugs all contribute to such poor physical condition, particularly in the county I live in.

I have gotten somewhat off course but my point is if your platelet counts are low and your doctor’s treatment is getting less than looked-for results, what would it hurt? Using natural remedies to increase platelets not just means herbs and nutritional supplements but the whole sphere of doing things that are healthful to you and your body.

You examine your daily activities and take away any behavior that might have a negative influence on your health. You then substitute them with activities that are good for you. This alone will activate your body to crank up its powerful self-healing processes.

You can use natural methods to improve platelet counts. And in the process your medical doctor will not need to prescribe higher doses of drug treatments. In time your reliance could be reduced or just removed.
I know I said this in a previous post but I would be remiss if I didn't mention it again...

You have to read "Conquer Low Platelets" written by Dr. Louis Cruz. He has spent a lifetime successfully treating family members and his patients with all natural methods.

He references to the scientific evidence to support his claims and treatments at the end of the book in the bibliography. If you would like to read more about this publication you can go here - Dr. Louis Cruz's Website

Monday, March 28, 2011

Natural Alternatives To Increase Platelets Backed By Scientific Evidence

Many people suffer from low platelets.  One of the biggest causes of low platelet counts is ITP Blood Disorder which is an autoimmune condition that decreases platelets. This condition requires doctor's care but you can also assist your doctor to reverse low platelet counts using all natural alternatives.

You may at first think this to be just wishful thinking or some kind of scam but proven natural methods are backed by scientific evidence.

I have an autoimmune disease called lupus and there are also natural remedies for this that I have found effective. The point is, all natural treatments shouldn't be overlooked for any ailment, condition or disease especially for ITP.

Remember, you should always be under doctors care and standard medical treatments are needed especially if counts are below 50k. The situation becomes an emergency below 20k and can require hospitalization. But all natural remedies can be used as a "complementary" alternative to your current medical treatment.

In fact many doctors are now recognizing the value of implementing additional natural methods along with standard treatments. Your doctor should at least be willing to cooperate with your wishes, be sure to communicate them to him or her.

There is a fantastic book written about how all natural methods can be used to end low platelets. The title is Conquer Low Platelets and is written by Dr. Louis Cruz and is a must read if you have ITP. He has spent a lifetime successfully treating family members and his patients with all natural methods.

All references to the scientific evidence to support his claims and treatments are available at the end of the book in the bibliography. If you would like to read more about this publication you can go here - Dr. Louis Cruz's Website

Friday, March 11, 2011

Are You Completely Absorbed In Your ITP Blood Disorder? Or Can You Still Feel Compassion?

I stayed up late last night following the events of the 8.9 quake and subsequent tsunami in northern Japan. My heart and prayers go out to those affected by such catastrophic events.

This morning I was reading about more consequences that have reached closer to where I live, northern California, specifically Crescent City.  Not the damage of Japan but total destruction of the harbor and surrounding areas. Again, lives upset and changed forever.

Events like these may make our own health issues pale in comparison but you get to decide whether they have a negative or positive effect on you and your health, the choice is yours.

Let me try to explain.

Low platelet count or any autoimmune disorder can be drastically affected by our feelings. Events like this can effect our mood and create anxiety or stress that is a burden to our health. Now we can worry about events like this to the extent that they cause us unneeded stress and anxiety and have negative effects on our health or we can create something positive because of events like these.

Giving some time to meditate about the plight of others is a good thing. Takes the focus off of ourselves for a while. We can even realize how many blessings we actually have compared to others. Our lives, family, friends and may others. We may not be in a position to do much for ones suffering from the current catastrophe but we can use this event to remind us to always be willing to help the ones we can.

This will keep us a active member of our society and especially give one a sense of worth, something very important when activities are limited by a disability such as low platelets. A positive attitude is very important to our health and what better way to maintain one than putting the interest of others ahead of our own when ever possible or our circumstances allow for it.

So take some positive action to the benefit of others around you, in the long run everyone comes out the winner.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Turn Low Platelets Around - Increase Platelets By Healing Your Body With The Food You Eat

Is it possible to increase Low Platelets using what you eat? Most doctors will say that it isn't. But not all doctors agree. You have heard it said "you can't see the forest because of all the trees." Well Low Platelets can be like that. There are so many health problems caused by low platelet count that we concentrate on the symptoms like the bleeding, bruising, exhaustion and pain that we don't pay as much attention to the big picture, the "forest" so to speak.

Back to diet and how it can help or heart Low Platelets.

Many recommend a diet that is largely composed of protein. Many people follow this type of diet but don't get the results needed. For many, especially Americans, there is already to much protein in their diets and adding more is not a good idea.

Large amounts of protein in the diet may cause an acid buildup in your body which in turn increase inflation and the destruction of more platelets. This type of diet won't help bone marrow to produce more platelets. If the body is given rest from these food it will, more often than not, repair itself and began producing more platelets. A short term low calorie diet may be helpful and by implementing it, your body could produce more platelets in this process of detox and healing.

Here is a low calorie diet that can be followed for a short time to test results. It is recommended by Louis Cruz the MD who wrote the book "Conquer Low Platelets" (that I recommend by the way).

Morning Meal

Cooked oats with Rice dream or Almond Milk. You can use honey or molasses to mildly sweeten the oats. Agave is also ok.

One cup of blue berries. Use other fruits of the berry family or pomegranate.

Two slices of toast. Use only Ezekiel bread well toasted. You can find this in the health foods store. Add a small amount of almond butter or peanut butter. If you use peanut butter make sure you use only the one that has the oil on the top. Avoid the creamy versions since they have Trans fats added and many times sugar also.

Mid day Meal

Large vegetable salad that should have celery, beets, tomatoes, carrots and romaine lettuce. Only add lemon, salt and olive oil for flavor.

An unprocessed starch such as brown rice

A protein of vegetable origin is preferred such as beans. Cook with olive oil. Extra virgin with its natural color is recommended.

A portion of cooked veggies such as kale, cabbage or broccoli.


This meal should be very light.

Use a homemade vegetable soup

Ezekiel bread toast.

Or Toast and some fruit or fruit salad.

Only water is used between meals and nothing else. Each meal should be five hours separate from each other. Take a good multivitamin while doing this. That way you will not have anything missing.

It only make sense that Low Platelets can be improved if you have a healthy diet. Many times our poor health is caused by our unknowingly bad habits. Following natural remedies can improve your quality of life.

Live Healthy!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Your Options With Low Platelet Count - Standard vrs Natural Treaments

The signs and symptoms which are related to the low platelet count are nasal hemorrhaging, forearm discoloration into purple or red color, gum line bleeding and bruising or small dark spots over a large area of the body to mention a few. The standard treatments promoted by the medical profession can be scary and haven't changed much over the last 25 years.

One of the primary ways of handling low platelet count is to give blood transfusions or platelet transfusions. Other typical treatments for low platelet count are prescription medications such as Prednisone or Danazole or other steroids, surgical treatment (spleen removal) and even chemotherapy. These are very drastic procedures and risky to say the least. That is why one should seriously research this condition if experiencing it and be sure to always get a second opinion.

Low platelet count is truly one of those conditions which can be difficult to find the root cause.  Low platelets are often brought on by various  controllable issues such as abuse or even normal use of prescription drugs,  Vitamin and mineral  deficiencies and in many cases excessive alcohol consumption. While your blood contains a low volume of platelets, you will be in danger of mild to serious  hemorrhaging. This means you will have to take safety precautions to avoid even the smallest of injuries.

Low  platelet  count signifies that the bloodstream has too little Thrombocytes or specialized blood cells known as platelets that help to aid in blood clotting. Left unchecked it will eventually be followed by problems like hemorrhaging from gums, stool or urine. It usually is the indication one of a variety of different critical medical conditions which may include liver disease, lupus, a deficiency in minerals, spleen disorder or a nutritional deficiency.  In accordance with some clinical references, the Thrombocytopenia or the low blood platelets suggests an individual is definitely not acquiring ample blood cells which is usually a sign of infection or maybe the medical problem like auto immune disease.

Sadly many people look at alternative treatments for low platelet blood disorder with the same mind set as traditional medicine, being more concerned with instant instead of long term results. Because of this they are mostly concerned with treating symptoms and never really get to the root of the problem. But if you are interested in long term and permanent results there are various methods to Increase Platelets Naturally without the need of nasty medications that can harm the body with serious unwanted side effects. 

At the minimum ITP blood disorder is usually curtailed, but can even be totally corrected simply by looking after yourself utilizing natural strategies. Identifying triggers that upset your immune system and cause it to attack healthy platelets is a process of trial and error. One must go for the most common causes first then proceed to less common triggers if no improvement is made. If necessary more in depth screening with Bio tracker technology may be used to discover the more challenging triggers to ITP.  This as well as an state-of-the-art type of screening utilizing DNA samples is helpful. A simple natural approach can not only restore your low platelets to normal levels but can do so without having invasive surgical procedures or having to take prescription medications so widely promoted be today's mainstream medical professionals.