Friday, March 11, 2011

Are You Completely Absorbed In Your ITP Blood Disorder? Or Can You Still Feel Compassion?

I stayed up late last night following the events of the 8.9 quake and subsequent tsunami in northern Japan. My heart and prayers go out to those affected by such catastrophic events.

This morning I was reading about more consequences that have reached closer to where I live, northern California, specifically Crescent City.  Not the damage of Japan but total destruction of the harbor and surrounding areas. Again, lives upset and changed forever.

Events like these may make our own health issues pale in comparison but you get to decide whether they have a negative or positive effect on you and your health, the choice is yours.

Let me try to explain.

Low platelet count or any autoimmune disorder can be drastically affected by our feelings. Events like this can effect our mood and create anxiety or stress that is a burden to our health. Now we can worry about events like this to the extent that they cause us unneeded stress and anxiety and have negative effects on our health or we can create something positive because of events like these.

Giving some time to meditate about the plight of others is a good thing. Takes the focus off of ourselves for a while. We can even realize how many blessings we actually have compared to others. Our lives, family, friends and may others. We may not be in a position to do much for ones suffering from the current catastrophe but we can use this event to remind us to always be willing to help the ones we can.

This will keep us a active member of our society and especially give one a sense of worth, something very important when activities are limited by a disability such as low platelets. A positive attitude is very important to our health and what better way to maintain one than putting the interest of others ahead of our own when ever possible or our circumstances allow for it.

So take some positive action to the benefit of others around you, in the long run everyone comes out the winner.

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