Low Platelet Count

Low Platelet Count

Low Platelet Count | Your Basic Two Options To Increase Platelets

If you or a loved one is suffering from Low Platelet Count you have my deepest sympathies. Our family and even myself have been plagued with chronic illnesses and it is no fun to deal with. The anxiety of not knowing what the real problem is and what to do about it is the worst. Once you identify the root cause of your illness and pick an approach to deal with it things get less stressful.

Low Platelet Count is one of those cases that are hard to find the root cause. It could be a simple vitamin or mineral deficiency or it could be genetic or the sign of a more serious problem. Sometimes in children the low platelet count just goes away. In any case, what ever your circumstances, you have two basic options to increase platelets. The first is to undergo the standard medical treatments that are practiced by doctors and the other is to treat your condition using natural methods.

You should always be under doctors care if you have low platelet count. It would be best to include a nutritional orientated or naturopathic doctor in your strategy. Doctors are invaluable in their services and can take much of the guesswork out of your treatment.

Standard treatments for Low Platelet Count are prescription drugs such as Prednisone or Danazole or other steroids, surgery (spleen removal) or even chemotherapy. As you can see this is some pretty drastic measures and you might want to give some serious thought to the consequences before embarking. All the above have serious side effects and these can end up being worse than your original condition. Some times doctors will just monitor your low platelet count and not prescribe treatment if you are not bruising or bleeding.

Your second option is to treat your Low Platelet Count with all natural methods. This will take a little more effort on your part but can be well worth the time spent especially if it helps you to avoid the standard treatments and their nasty side effects. Most doctors will cooperate with this approach. Many have used all natural methods to get off of steroids all together. The natural approach will require more effort on your part so expect to take a more active role in your treatment.

Many combine the two options for a time, especially if your Low Platelet Count is in a vary serious stage. But your goal should be to eventually increase platelets enough to be able to avoid anymore of the default treatments. Once a cause is identified for your low platelet count a targeted natural approach can not only improve platelet count but end the disorder all together.

I wish you the best and good health to you.
Laura J

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Both Maggi Pier and Dr. Louis Cruz have used all natural methods to assist family members and many others with Low Platelet Count or ITP disorder. Their success proves that you can be successful also.