Monday, May 2, 2011

Why Don't You Increase Platelets Naturally?

I have noticed a few say that if you're thinking that it is possible to Increase Platelets Naturally you're foolish. If your physician is unable to correct your low platelets you surely are not going to be able to with a few home remedies.

To me this line of reasoning confirms how brainwashed we are by western societies. Due to medical advancements in the last hundred years plus the TV and film dramas of idolizing doctors most have put medical experts on a god-like pedestal. But the last time I checked you'll still find  millions of sick people.

Many times, when trying to find a doctor I am informed that physician so-and-so doesn't have any room for more patients. What is going on? Don't medical professionals cure anybody anymore? Perhaps I'm not being reasonable but it just appears to be some kind of revolving door how the medical profession operates these days.

Of course the public basically doesn't look after their health either. Poor lifestyles, like working long hours, less sleep, over eating and eating junk food, plus vices like smoking, abusing alcohol and drugs all contribute to such poor physical condition, particularly in the county I live in.

I have gotten somewhat off course but my point is if your platelet counts are low and your doctor’s treatment is getting less than looked-for results, what would it hurt? Using natural remedies to increase platelets not just means herbs and nutritional supplements but the whole sphere of doing things that are healthful to you and your body.

You examine your daily activities and take away any behavior that might have a negative influence on your health. You then substitute them with activities that are good for you. This alone will activate your body to crank up its powerful self-healing processes.

You can use natural methods to improve platelet counts. And in the process your medical doctor will not need to prescribe higher doses of drug treatments. In time your reliance could be reduced or just removed.
I know I said this in a previous post but I would be remiss if I didn't mention it again...

You have to read "Conquer Low Platelets" written by Dr. Louis Cruz. He has spent a lifetime successfully treating family members and his patients with all natural methods.

He references to the scientific evidence to support his claims and treatments at the end of the book in the bibliography. If you would like to read more about this publication you can go here - Dr. Louis Cruz's Website