Saturday, January 1, 2011

Your Options With Low Platelet Count - Standard vrs Natural Treaments

The signs and symptoms which are related to the low platelet count are nasal hemorrhaging, forearm discoloration into purple or red color, gum line bleeding and bruising or small dark spots over a large area of the body to mention a few. The standard treatments promoted by the medical profession can be scary and haven't changed much over the last 25 years.

One of the primary ways of handling low platelet count is to give blood transfusions or platelet transfusions. Other typical treatments for low platelet count are prescription medications such as Prednisone or Danazole or other steroids, surgical treatment (spleen removal) and even chemotherapy. These are very drastic procedures and risky to say the least. That is why one should seriously research this condition if experiencing it and be sure to always get a second opinion.

Low platelet count is truly one of those conditions which can be difficult to find the root cause.  Low platelets are often brought on by various  controllable issues such as abuse or even normal use of prescription drugs,  Vitamin and mineral  deficiencies and in many cases excessive alcohol consumption. While your blood contains a low volume of platelets, you will be in danger of mild to serious  hemorrhaging. This means you will have to take safety precautions to avoid even the smallest of injuries.

Low  platelet  count signifies that the bloodstream has too little Thrombocytes or specialized blood cells known as platelets that help to aid in blood clotting. Left unchecked it will eventually be followed by problems like hemorrhaging from gums, stool or urine. It usually is the indication one of a variety of different critical medical conditions which may include liver disease, lupus, a deficiency in minerals, spleen disorder or a nutritional deficiency.  In accordance with some clinical references, the Thrombocytopenia or the low blood platelets suggests an individual is definitely not acquiring ample blood cells which is usually a sign of infection or maybe the medical problem like auto immune disease.

Sadly many people look at alternative treatments for low platelet blood disorder with the same mind set as traditional medicine, being more concerned with instant instead of long term results. Because of this they are mostly concerned with treating symptoms and never really get to the root of the problem. But if you are interested in long term and permanent results there are various methods to Increase Platelets Naturally without the need of nasty medications that can harm the body with serious unwanted side effects. 

At the minimum ITP blood disorder is usually curtailed, but can even be totally corrected simply by looking after yourself utilizing natural strategies. Identifying triggers that upset your immune system and cause it to attack healthy platelets is a process of trial and error. One must go for the most common causes first then proceed to less common triggers if no improvement is made. If necessary more in depth screening with Bio tracker technology may be used to discover the more challenging triggers to ITP.  This as well as an state-of-the-art type of screening utilizing DNA samples is helpful. A simple natural approach can not only restore your low platelets to normal levels but can do so without having invasive surgical procedures or having to take prescription medications so widely promoted be today's mainstream medical professionals. 



  1. There are certain factors to consider before choosing whether you go for natural or the ordinary Supplements. I just think that natural supplements are the most effective ones.

  2. @ Victor,
    Thanx for your comment. I agree that natural supplements are effective and better for your overall health. However I must say that anyone who suffers from ITP must be under the care of a qualified physician. Make sure the doctor you choos is aware of your natural treatments so he can adjust your medical treatments accordingly. Natural remedies should "complement" your doctor's medical treatments and not replace them. In time as your health improves your doctor will reduce your treatments and the scales will tip in favor of a greater percentage of natural treatments.

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