Friday, May 7, 2010

Increase Platelets Naturally | May Take Time - Be Patient

Read some interesting comments on how to increase platelets naturally and thought I might share them with you. The life of a platelet is 10 days on average so the body is constantly refreshing the supply. If for some reason your platelets are being consumed in a shorter time the body can step things up a notch or two to make up the difference if it has the proper resources. That is why a healthy diet is so important. Anyway, take a look at these posts, some very helpful information to say the least.

"March 6th, 2010 at 2:32 am
One of the reasons of having low platelet count is deficiency of Folic acid and Vitamin B12. Medicines can help BUT check with your doctor first. And by intake of food items rich in Vitamin C like Gooseberry, Orange, lemon etc. It’s a slow process to recover platelet count back to normal in adults. Platelet count which shows an increasing trend is a positive sign. Take medicines under the consultation of Hematologist only."source

Although they may be necessary, medications taken to increase platelets can have adverse long term affects. For this very reason a healthy natural approach can be very beneficial. Natural methods may take a little longer, but they do seem to hold better and the side effects are negligible if any.

Increasing platelets naturally is often overlooked or not taken too seriously and this is understandable especially if ones condition is severe however natural methods, no matter how simple they seem should be part of your arsenal against low platelet count.

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