Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Increase Platelets Naturally | Curing vrs. Healing

Can Low Platelet Blood Count or ITP Blood Disorder be cured? Well that depends on what you mean by the term "cure." If you want your doctor to give you a pill that will make your ITP Blood Disorder disappear... the magic bullet so to speak than the answer is no. There is no cure. The Medical Profession hasn't found one as of yet and most likely won't in the near future. So if you are depending on your doctor to cure you... it isn't going to happen.

Unfortunately most people view alternative medicine with the same mentality as conventional medicine. They look for a specific herb or vitamin that will get rid of their disease. This is unlikely. And because of this mentality or approach is the norm many more are even discouraged to even look into the benefits to being able to Increase Platelets Naturally.

Healing on the other hand is a better approach. What is healing? Healing is taking control of your own body and accepting responsibility for your own health. Looking for answers, discovering things that need to be done. This would include finding bad habits that need to be curtailed or even eliminated and taking action. Many times this alone can restore health.

Healing can also involve the use of herbs, vitamins, diet, life-style and other natural therapies. Healing involves getting in tune with your body and discovering your personal laws of health and obeying them. In short, empowering your own immune system to heal your own body. We are talking about addressing overall health and not just a specific issue such as low platelet count.

When your body is not healthy or under some form of stress then conditions manifest themselves and in this particular case platelet counts drop. Then that leads to other issues such as bleeding bruising and other symptoms. If you are willing to obtain the healing of your own body than you can be freed from ITP Blood Disorder.

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